27/09/2021 CANTUS

To start the academic year of 2021/22 HEEP has hosted a Cantus at D’n Hiemel. This event has been organized in collaboration with MSKV de Hippo’s. 

A Cantus is a typical Dutch/Belgian that consists of drinking beer and singing along to songs! For this event, the Activity Commission has prepared Codeces (small booklets containing rules and song lyrics). Everyone has to sing along to a given song, and if mistakes are being made, the Praesidium will, later on, give punishments.

11/10/2021 Scavenger Hunt

HEEP had an activity to bring new and old members close to each other! The Activity Commission organized a Scavenger’s Hunt through Maastricht. The groups had to solve tasks and riddles, leading them to the final station: The Snooker Centrum. 

Here are some insights into the great evening we spent! And congrats again to the winning team! 🙂