Weekly drinks

On Tuesday after the HEEP training hours (so after 21.30) we go to Thembi for some drinks. Thembi is a bar on a 5 minute walk from UM SPORTS. And because we would like you to join we have managed to get a discount. If enough members come along, everyone gets a 15% discount.

It it obviously possible to also go out for drinks on other days of the week. Especially on Thursday and in the weekend people will often go out. Also then you are always welcome to join.

Heep weekly drinks

Monthly Activities

Every month, HEEP organises an activity where all members are welcome! This ranges from playing a game of pool, a pub crawl, walking dinner to a weekend away. 


Every now and then, we play small internal tournaments. Additionally, HEEP is planning to organize tournaments outside of UM SPORTS, with associations in the vicinity.