The 29th board of M.S.B.C. HEEP:

Zhengqiu Chen, President

I’m Zhengqiu Chen, president of M.S.B.C. HEEP 2019-2020. People call me Chen so that’s what you can do as well, it’s just easier. I’m a 4th year Bachelor student studying at the Conservatorium Maastricht as a Classial Pianist. And Badminton is my biggest hobby besides piano. I love being in a big group, because I like to chat with all kinds of them. Join us if you feel like some lighting speed sport!


Michiel Petit, Secretary

Hey, I’m Michiel, M.S.B.C. HEEP’s secretary for this year! I’m 23 years old and I’m doing my second year of an IT bachelor at Zuyd. I only have been playing badminton for one and a half year now, but improvement is definitely perceptible! Besides badminton, I love the world of aviation, and I aspire to work in that field after finishing my studies. Badminton is a great way to wind down, and so are the activities our lovely Activity Commission organises. So far, I’ve enjoyed the year to the fullest, and I’m very excited to see what’s next!

Clara Reibe, Treasurer

My name is Clara Reibe and I am the new treasurer of M.S.B.C. HEEP this year! I am 19 years old and I am currently in the second year of my bachelor in Economics and Business Economics.
I began playing badminton in my first year bachelor, and even though I am not a professional player, I still enjoy it very much! I hope that we are going to have even more fun this year and I am looking forward to improve my badminton skills!


Henri Beekmann, Head of Activities

I’m Henri, a 23 year old European Law student and Head of Activities at M.S.B.C. HEEP.
I began playing Badminton when I started my studies in Maastricht and fell in love with the sport. It challenges your reaction time, your conditioning and hand-eye coordination, and meanwhile helps you to forget about the uni stress.
Our association members are a big group of friends. After training I often join in for a drink at a nearby bar and official activities take place every month.
This time as a board member, I’m looking forward to another great year in our association. See you on court!

Toine Wehrens, Head of PR

My name is Toine Wehrens and I am the head of PR at M.S.B.C. HEEP. Currently, I am enrolled in a pre-master’s program for European Studies on Society, Science and Technology and before this I did an IT bachelor, which also why Michiel and I together are the IT guys of HEEP.  Although I am not good at badminton, I am noticing progress which makes it a lot of fun. However, the most fun is to be had at the activities and weekly drinks, I hope to see many members on the court ánd during our events.